3 Values: Ambition, Growth and Trust

Dzeta supports companies in their growth and enables them to overcome development caps with customized approach. Founded in 2009 it invests mainly in France and neighbouring countries (Belgium, Luxembourg ...).

Operational Experience

Dzeta’s team is essentially made up of entrepreneurs with solid experience in managing growing companies.

We bring to the management teams we support our know-how in:
• development by organic or external growth
• financial, legal and tax structuring
• management team reinforcement - if necessary


The invested funds come from the team itself, thus Dzeta has great flexibility in its investment holding periods and transaction structure.


While respecting the management teams’ autonomy, Dzeta’s proposes to support management with their own experience in management and business development.

Interest Alignment

The transactions are structured around flexible and tailor-made components, enabling managers to become/remain shareholders and sharing the value creation. Attractive management packages are offered to key executives to create an alignment of interests between managers and investors.